Design, Integration, procurement, installation, commission and maintenance of state-of-the-art security system. End to end solutions, even for turnkey projects.
System offered :

  • CCTV Survillance - include a range of CCTV system with remote surveillance facility, digital video records, IP cameras, network video recorders etc.
  • Access Control Systems - like proximity solutions, Iris, finger ID and palm reader.
  • Intrusion Detection System - Offered on both wired and wireless platforms.
  • Metal Detection System - including a variety of both hand held and door framed system.
  • Visitor Management systems - To simplify task of managing flow of visitors through an establishment, by use of visitor's cards that incorporate visitor's photograph and details can be printed on the spot. These can be RFID enabled to track visitors.
  • Car Parking Management Systems - Automatic barriers, sliding/swinging gate systems, number plate recognition, spike road block systems.
  • Perimeter Security Systems - Concertina wiring / electric fencing